Trust Adeyeri with leadership, group urges Akoko Residents

Youths Under the auspices of the ASK Team, have urged residents of Akoko, in the northern senatorial district of Ondo state to trust Mr. Adeyeri Stephen Kunle with leadership in the region.

The Coordinator of the group, Ijanusi Olawale said the young businessman is filled with passion to address the leadership deficiency in Akoko land.

He said, “What Akoko lacks is unity and leadership deficiency. The people must start trusting the young minds with leadership position.

“We, as a group, has recognized Adeyeri as a potential leader who can help us fill this open gap. He has proven himself as a successful businessman and we trust him to replicate same when he is called upon to serve our people.

” This is an opportunity we cannot afford to miss. We are talking to our people already to make sure Adeyeri is given the opportunity to represent us.”

The Oka-born philanthropist, according to the group, has been helping people even with no political office.

Ijanusi however said, Adeyeri will only listen to his people on how he can serve them before any official declaration.

“We are waiting for the signal from our people. When they tell us we should go ahead, we won’t turn deaf ears.” He concluded.

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