Saraki Mocks APC Over Change Of Kwara Police Commissioner

Nigeria’s Senate president, Bukola Saraki, on Wednesday mocked the ruling All Progressives Congress over what he described as the incessant replacement of police commissioners in Kwara State.

While addressing a crowd of supporters during a rally at Balogun Fulani ward in Ilorin South local government area of the state, Mr Saraki, a Peoples Democratic Party senator, said the APC prefers to change police commissioners instead of seeking people’s support.

“They (the opposition) are scared to come and meet our people that is why they are busy changing police commissioner every day but that won’t change our peoples resolve to continue to support us,” Mr Saraki was quoted as saying in a statement by Olu Onemola, his aide on New Media.

On Tuesday, the Nigeria Police announced a massive redeployment of its officers.

In Kwara, Kayode Egbetokun, a former Chief Security Officer to the former governor of Lagos State, Bola Tinubu, was appointed as the commissioner of police to the dissatisfaction of PDP.

The APC, on the same day, debunked allegations that the police hierarchy had compromised police posting for the purpose of providing election security in its favour.

Even though Mr Saraki did not mention names of individuals, he was subtly referring to politicians of APC, he said.

Unlike him, he said the APC politicians only visit the people during elections.

“The support we received shows that we are on (the) ground with the people and they are still fully supporting us.

“Let other parties come and meet our people and see if people will receive them the way they received us.

“We are always with the people, unlike them who are usually home during elections to deceive our people.

“If the APC is popular as they claim let them come home and show their strength just like we did. They cannot intimidate our people with police,” he was quoted as saying.

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