Buhari Showers Accolades On Abacha, Despite Massive Loot Records

President Muhammadu Buhari has acknowledged the projects accomplished during the regime of military head, Sani Abacha.

Mr Buhari headed the Petroleum Trust Fund during Abacha’s regime, which was reputed to have constructed many road projects across the country ironically while the military dictator stole Nigeria blind.

Hundreds of millions of dollars stolen by Abacha and kept in foreign accounts have since been recovered by various Nigerian governments.

While the president was speaking as he received a delegation of Buhari Support Organisation (BSO) at the Presidential Villa on Tuesday, Mr Buhari mentioned that the late Abacha built roads, hospitals and other notable developmental projects when he served as head of state.

The president told the group of supporters that when he assumed office, most of the roads in Nigeria were in terrible condition, adding “some of them were not repaired since PTF

PTF is the Petroleum Trust Fund set up by late Mr Abacha in 1994 to utilise the proceeds of a petrol price increase.

“No matter what opinion you have about
Abacha, I agreed to work with him and the roads we did from PTF exist from here to Port Harcourt, to Onitsha, to Benin and so on.”

He said the agency also intervened in education and medical care among others.