William Shakespeare is generally regarded to be the greatest dramatist of all time. His works have captured the minds and heart of men in the most dramatic but realistic manner.

After many years, the characters and characterization in his work of arts are manifesting amongst us. As it was in the imaginative works of Shakespeare, so it is now.

The most projected example of betrayal in Shakespeare’s work is Julius Caesar’s “et tu Brute?

“Et tu Brute” is a Latin word meaning “Even you, Brutus”

For those who are not familiar with the Shakespeare’s drama, Julius Caesar, let me bring you up to speed. A group of Senators had decided to stop Caesar from declaring himself as the Emperor of Rome. This group of Senators, led by Cassius and Brutus decided that the only way to stop Caesar is to assassinate him.

So, these people lured Caesar to a building and once he was inside the building, they surrounded him and stabbed him one after the other.

Brutus was one of Caesar’s closest friends. Unfortunately, he was part of a devious conspiracy to kill his friend, Caesar, all in a bid to stop his ambition.

So, Brutus was also inside that building, watching his friend, Caesar, dying from the knives of several Senators.

Caesar staggered towards his friend, Brutus, whom he trusted and thought would rescue him. In tears, he appealed to him, but Brutus wickedly pulled out his own knife and stabbed his closest friend, Caesar to death.

Shocked by the action of his closest friend and ally, Caesar said “Et tu Brute? Meaning,” even you, Brutus?

That was the story of betrayal. Today, we have these Brutus amongst us. Their penchant for treachery, to say the least, unparalleled. In Yoruba culture, our forbears detest betrayals. The belief is that the gods of the land has only one penalty for betrayal, and that is death.

There is a moral burden that these people have shamefully carried on their heads. Betrayal is an act that doesn’t portray the perpetrator as an “Omoluabi”. A traitor
is an outcast in Yoruba society. Infact, in humanity, betrayal is a vice. Those who are shamelessly celebrating the act today are nothing but immorals.

In our polity in the sunshine state, we have recently seen how an opportunist betrayed the trust reposed in him by an unpretentious and ever blunt personality.

This Brutus in our state, who found his way into the helms of affairs, not through qualification, but opportunity, had told the world how much of trust his boss had for him. It was easy for him to betray that trust and gun for his boss’ job.

Even if betrayal is as old as politics, there is a moral expectation from us as Omoluabis to strengthen ties and show decorum and principle while showing desires to lead the people. Except we want to bury our pride and common heritage as a people with dignity, it is high time we started joining voices to correct this Vice of betrayal so as to instill the value of our forebears into our kids and future generations.

This Brutus enjoyed the privileges that his predecessors never had. Every financial gains in his office was increased over 100%. He had everything his boss had. New cars, a well renovated and furnished office. He was the confidant of his boss. He was incharge of everything. His boss entrusted so much to him. Poor plain hearted SAN!

This Brutus turned around and started eyeing his boss’ job. On several occasions, he would be called and asked, “Is it true you are leaving this party and contesting against me? “Oga, no way! If it is true let me lose all my children” the Brutus would swear with his bare foot on the ground. A very convincing Brutus. A betrayal!

So, it has come into the open. The die is cast. This Caesar can NEVER die. This Caesar is divinely ordained. Those who chase the winds must surely get tired and worn out. It’s sure that victory doesn’t belong to this Brutus. He’s driven, not by passion for the people but by gains for his personal purse. All his life, it has been about the treasury.

The Senators around him are the worse example of followers. They lie with ease and speak from both sides of the mouth. They talk about knowledge without character, but they lack character in all spheres of life. They speak about politics with principle, ironically, they don’t even understand the mockery in the words they use. The joke is on them.

A man who left his wig and gown and followed the vision of a close ally to help him in the development of his people and the state deserves gratitude not vilification. This same Ogun man took over the operations of Okada and tricycles in the state where a paltry sum of N400, 000 was being made on monthly basis. Today, this man remits an average of N50 Million to the state Government. When the state was faced with fuel scarcity, this man confronted the cartel and made fuel available for our people. We will not allow these Brutus personified to pull back the wheel of our progress. We will no longer dignify them with attention. They are betrayals. They are the real Brutus.

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