When the Tinubu backed Governor’s Advisory Council in Lagos State came out openly to announce they will not be supporting Governor Ambode for a second term in office, everyone was shocked and expected a fight back from Ambode that later came with his infamous press conference where he called Sanwo-olu, the preferred alternative, all sort of derogatory names.

The primaries came and Ambode was roundly beaten in Lagos APC Primary that culminated in him losing the ticket. Being a good politician, Tinubu called his boys to a round-table and mended fences between them. The Ambode that was touted to be angry and bitter last week raised Sanwo-olu’s hand as his successor and admonished all his supporters to key into the agenda. Tinubu knows the implications of a divided house and an incumbent working against his own party. He dropped his ego and pride and ensured he got Ambode back into the fold. Tinubu could easily have neglected Ambode and still win the election.

Here in Ondo State, Olorogun Eddy Olafeso and some other PDP leaders ensured the party’s leading light and poster boy, Hon. Mike Omogbehin, lose his party’s ticket to return to the House of Representatives. As shocking as it is to people that Omogbehin lost the primary despite his unprecedented performance as an MHR, the absence of his name on the Presidential Campaign Council of the PDP is much more alarming. Mike Omogbehin not being on the ballot is enough reason to entrust the campaign to him. But feelers suggests same folks who fought against his return to the Green Chambers are the ones who removed his name from the long list too. While Tinubu worked on Ambode to get him back, PDP is chasing Omogbehin out of the party.

In the history of the Ikale Nation, Mike Omogbehin has outclassed all who have served in the National Assembly within this four years. Any political party should be proud of his deeds. While others left the party when it was in a comatose, Mike Omogbehin stood with the party and helped sustain the structures. Those who are fighting him are those who felt their pockets deserve more than what they are getting at the detriment of the majority. One wonders if the goal is to win the election or just make sure Kako is demystified. With Ilutitun being the beneficiary of the gang-up against Kako, will Igbotako vote PDP? If he’d been worked on and is empowered to lead the campaign of the party in the coming elections, he would have preached to his people to sheathe their sword and support his party. But he must fight for survival.

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