Many are men who have described the personality of Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo as a rare one.

Some hold the opinion that he is a breed that has an eagle’s eye, and a vintage view of how the world works. Thanks to exposure and experiences he has garnered over the years in the changing and dynamic world. It’s also a public knowledge that Olubunmi possess fine traits as a son of the soil of Akoko land, specifically his special bonding with Okeagbe, his birth place, in Akoko North West Local Government Area of Ondo state,

BTO, as he’s fondly and popularly known by teeming admirers, is a name many of his followers and enthusiasts have come to adopt and widely accept within and beyond his constituency. Like a hurricane, Tunji-Ojo ‘s popularity now spreading across the terrain of Akoko North West and Akoko North East, and leaving with a Midas touch everything he touches.

His campaign tag, being an aspirant to the legislative seat of his constituency at the national assembly, is entitled #NotTooYoungToRule#, an ideological framing which believes in building an interface between the older generation of leaders and the incoming generation of leaders, in working assiduously to ensure that we younger generation of leaders are prepared as credible alternative to recycling already spent leaders, while they remain mentors to the succeeding generation and we leverage on their experience to build a new generation.

Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, young, dynamic and articulate, possessing the needed qualities of a 21st century young leader. He sure has demonstrated the enterprising nature that distinguishes him in many respects, especially with Akoko people. Record has it that his industrious nature he has long demonstrated in becoming the CEO of a leading indigenous ICT consultant company in Nigeria at the age of twenty four (24).

It is also interesting to note that long before graduation from the University, BTO held on to about eighteen (18) professional qualifications in ICT including the prestigious title of being one of the first set of certified ethical hackers from Royal Britain Academy in the UK. A feat achieved at the age of twenty two (22).

At the brink of completing his University Education at the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo Ile-Ife, (OAU) BTO sought a greener pasture within the four walls of the University of North London where he obtained double degrees in Information and Communication Technology; and Electronics and Communication Engineering before obtaining a masters degree in Digital Communication and Networking, all at the University of North London in the United Kingdom.

With his brilliance and intelligence paving way for more recognition and accolades, BTO garnered experience from working with HSC bank, Barclays Bank, T-Mobile across Europe.

Poised to give back to his home country, BTO returned home and was to later be a consultant for different government organisations and agencies, including PTDF, JAMB, NSIA, Federal Ministry of works and the Federal ministry of Niger Delta affairs.

With a growing experience, BTO also consult for various committes of the senate and House of Representative some of which include but not limited to the senate committee on petroleum (upstream) and senate committee on trade and investments as well as house committee on petroleum resources.

Ojo’s reason for politicking is different. He’s a genius who ventured into the murky political terrain because he believes that politics should be for those who have been positively accomplished in life and who has the mindset to affect lives meaningfully. It should be a trade for those who really cares and are qualified to participate in political contests. He sees Service and affecting lives positively as his motivating factor joining Politics. He considered other factors that actually propelled him to join Politics as his life experience. Experience of his background, past poverty lifestyles and struggles and the path he went through in life before attainting his current status.

He vouched his readiness to continue to serve and affect lives positively. And considered having a bigger platform to be able to affect other lives of his people and on a bigger scale to continue to serve his people, and more so that we are convinced not about eye -service but about humility that will help sustain the generation just coming from behind and also guaranteed the future of the Children, he sure deserves his people’s sincere support.

The core political vision of Tunji – Ojo is focused on three major areas, which are Restoration, Revitalization and Re-Engineering of Social Minds. Affirmed that those are the three things he believed in as he prepares to contest for the position of the Member of House of Representatives in Abuja. Presently, the position of a Legislator does not include the right to have Executive Powers to approved projects. Been a legislator is about Service to humanity and a promotion of sustainable ideas. Ideas that will be sustainable in our generation and in the generation of those coming behind us. The work of a Legislator is basically Lawmaking, Lobbying and Networking. While lobbying is the most important aspect of Legislative work, the people can be rest assured that with the quality kind of man Ojo is, the story can only be pleasantly different.

It’s not uncommon to here people blame the failure and the inabilities of representatives at the various levels for lacking in the ability to Lobby his colleagues and the Federal and State Governments and get their attention to the plights of their constituencies. This usual pitfall is what the people of Akoko must guard against this time by fielding this fine personality.

For the people of Akoko North West and Akoko North East, it’s leadership gift they got in Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, and they are not likely allow this to slip off. They are confident that real delivery of dividends will be attainable with Tunji-Ojo. Little wonder many among the youth would say, ‘Let the march begin, let the old be prepared, let the youths arise.’ They echo: Here comes one of us for effective and efficient representation to change the face of social interaction and consequently, the face of the youths.

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