While one may not know if the “Stop lamenting, face governance” on what seems to be a Press Statement by Fayose’s media aide, Lere Olayinka, was its official title or it was chosen for him by the social media

on which one found it, it bears mentioning that the title in itself suggests—ab initio—-that Olayinka may not understand what governance really means as he shouldn’t have deployed that phrase to characterize a governor who has issued five Executive Orders (among which was the cancellation of education levy that was specifically targeted to shake down Ekiti parents by his boss) to reposition the state in less than 3 weeks of his assumption of office.

In his needless advise that since “Fayose has left office and the legacy projects done by his government can be seen by the people of Ekiti” it also should be mentioned that Lere Olayinka was right that Fayose has indeed “left office,” but his sordid and criminal deeds, which are still being unearthed, has not, and will never leave him. And this is what’s being, and must be interrogated for the benefit of Ekiti people. The bad and patently heinous Fayose deeds will continue to precede him at every turn. What Lere construes as “legacy projects” are nothing but spectacles as exemplified by his bridge to nowhere, among others. There’s a difference between legacy and spectacle projects.

His insidious admonition that Governor Fayemi “should rather use the few months he will spend as governor to redeem his image as a prodigal governor” is laughable as the statement was nothing but Lere’s warped belief that whoever aspires to public office must be a crook just like himself and his boss, but also probably another invidious attempt to keep milking the gullible Eleka who has been aptly described as a “spectator in his own wedding” that doesn’t deserve to win any election in which Fayose is involved.

Lere can be forgiven for lacking the presence of mind or acuity for having indicted his boss when he said that “Ikogosi Resort was never abandoned” but rather “as at the time we left government, no private investor had shown interest.” The question any rational and intelligent mind should ask is, why was Fayose unable to find a private investor in his four years in office with such a money spinning Resort? But Fayemi had no problem handing over the Resort as soon as it was completed to a private investor in which his government realized appreciable tax revenues as well as being an employer of labour for the locals. What is more, how could Fayose have found a private investor with his unenviable records of having ran Banks and other important corporate entities out of the state for no reason whatsoever other than the fact that businesses must run their operations in accordance with his greed laden terms. This was their modus operandi for governance in four years.

Lere said “on Oba Adejugbe General Hospital… which was uncompleted when Fayemi commissioned in 2014…we opted for Public Private Partnership (PPP), which did not materialize.” Again, how could anyone have engaged in PPP with a Chief Executive whose greed is so pathological and knows no bounds?

Lere’s regurgitation of loans taken during Fayemi’s first term, which their uses had been exhaustively explained, and yet to be disproved, is indicative of someone who can only be described as sounding like a broken record.

Lere must be prepared to move to second base very soon in which some sort of criminal charges cannot be far-fetched—- just like his boss.

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