EASYWAY AND THE REST OF US By Adeola Olatunbosun

I have seen men of virtue, men worthy of note, deserving of love, trust and power, yet, none of them outclass Hon. Adeshina Adeola, the one everyone calls EASYWAY. When the road was rough and men of valour fall by the side, he stood tall amidst them and he excelled exceedingly.

A youth in age, he is as wise as an octogenarian that has seen it all. When it was anathema to be seen with anything of the progressive family, he stood firm and did all he could to enshrine the ethos and ethics of the ideology on his Isua hometown and beyond folks.

Easyway, as fondly called, is not one of those in politics to swell their purse. His pocket is already full without being in public service for once. His collegiate of firms are yielding profits daily. One even wonders why he is interested in politics. But that is who he is. Never selfish and will do anything humanly possible to out smiles on faces. He feels being Chairman of Akoko South East, he will have ample opportunity to reach out to all and sundry and contribute his own quota to the development of his fathers land. He has nothing significant to gain other than seeing AKSE LG bring a cynosure of eyes.

Going into an electioneering period, the party, All Progressives Congress cannot afford to massage the ego of some politicians who will keep running to Akure for funds to sustain the party and it’s structures. EASYWAY is self made and have been spending on the party despite not being in power, how much more when he is in power? He will relieve the pressure on the party’s leadership in Akure and extensively the State Governor who is the undisputed leader of our party.

There is no gain saying the fact that the party must be in tandem with the yearnings and want of the masses. The people of Akoko South East are not oblivious of the efforts put in place by Adeshina Adeola to ameliorate their sufferings by putting in place boreholes. The topography of the LG greatly affects easy access to portable water. The people knows he is not indifferent to their plight and will help punctuate lots of the societal ills bedevilling them. His successful businesses is a pointer to the fact that the fortune of the LG will be turned around when he is in power as Chairman of the LG.

Conclusively, the leaders of the party and the State Government is advised to give the people the only one man fit enough to lead them into an election year and reward loyalty.


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