Rare is true love. But true friendship is rarer. Only true friends appreciate you in death as they did while you were alive.

Dr. John Kayode Fayemi, the Executive Governor of Ekiti state, has again demonstrated the nobility that endeared him to the heart of many. He is indeed a leader worthy of emulation.

When JKF declared before the primary election that produced him as the governorship candidate of the Ekiti state All Progressives Congress that the delegates know and love him, he meant every word of it. One of such delegates was Mr. Ojo Bamiteko Ogunsanmi (a.k.a Singer), the then Chairman of the APC Ikoro Ekiti ward. Mr. Ogunsanmi was a sincere, committed and loyal party man. He never had a one on one relationship or encounter with JKF but he, like other party faithful, considered himself a friend of Dr. Kayode Fayemi because of his leadership quality coupled the way he treats and relates with party faithful.

Mr. Ogunsanmi was in Ado Ekiti for the grand finale of the APC campaign and endured the campaign rigour at his prime age of 82. He voted at his polling unit on Saturday the 14th of July, 2018 and celebrated the fact that he delivered his unit for APC /JKF. He returned home a happier man. The news of his demise was a rude shock to not a few in Ikoro Ekiti the next day. Mr. Ogunsanmi exited this sinful world peacefully in his sleep and was confirmed dead in the early hours of 15th July, 2018.

Dr. Kayode Fayemi didnt know this man in person, nevertheless, he appreciated his dedication, commitment and loyalty to the All Progressives Congress. As a mark of honour, respect and appreciation for the contribution of Mr. Ogunsanmi at nurturing and sustaining the APC in Ikoro Ekiti, JKF commiserated with his family and sent a powerful delegation to celebrate the glorious exit of a loyal party man. The family of Mr. Ogunsanmi didnt see it coming. Though not in lack, they were, however, amazed and appreciative of the Governor for celebrating their patriarch for his humble contribution to the All Progressives Congress.

Mr. Ogunsanmi was committed to mother earth on Friday, October 26, 2018. May his soul rest in peace and may God grant his family the fortitude to bear the loss.

Leadership is not just about dishing out orders but also about motivating, encouraging and appreciating the led. If JKF can do this for the dead, then there is inestimable hope for the living. Loyalty, dedication and commitment do pay. JKF is indeed the friend of the masses.

The Olukoro in council, sons and daughters of Ikoro Ekiti appreciate the good gesture of Dr. Kayode Fayemi. The entire members of the All Progressives Congress in Ikoro Ekiti are happier and proud to be associated with the peoples governor.

JKF is indeed the preferred. Ilufemiloye, l’ekiti.

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