AN OPEN LETTER TO Dr Olusegun Mimiko By Adedayo OlaOluwa Fisayo

His Excellency,

Preparation for the big day must be in top gear. At this point, opinions might not matter. Nevertheless, I hope this letter reinforces your conviction and helps situate perspectives for others still foot-dragging.

It was the gospel artiste Evang. Timi Osukoya that sang one of the most enduring lines in self introspection in 1993.

🎶 Ileya Ileya o,
omo Nigeria ileya.
Ti a k’oba mo bi ta n lo, se bo ye k’apa s’ile…
Ka ja wo l’apon ti ko yo, ka tete lo gbo mi ila k’ana🎶

Home beckons
Nigerians, home beckons
If there’s no assurance in an embarkation
One is expected to retrace their steps
Let’s leave an unprofitable venture
And find a reliable alternative.

In Ondo state, we remember the good old days of Labour Party with nostalgia. That was when a fine medical doctor in you rose against all odds and the establishment to become the Governor of the Sunshine state. It was just impossible not admire you sir. Suave, intelligent, courageous, purposeful are few adjectives that can qualify you. Amid many incontrovertible achievements, you succeeded in putting the state on the World map. Your Abiye Safe Motherhood scheme which reduced mortality rates among pregnant women and made Ondo state the safest place to give birth in Nigeria was declared a benchmark for Africa by the World Bank. That remains unbeatable!

I can’t pinpoint where the Great Iroko got it wrong (some claim it all began when you decamped to Peoples Democratic Party prior to the 2015 General election) But one thing I am sure of is that “if there’s no assurance in an embarkation, one is expected to retrace their steps.”

The decision to go back to the party that made you must have required great humility. Arrogance would have disallowed many political leaders from eating that humble pie. But you have taken the best step for you and your teeming followers. This is praiseworthy. I congratulate you for the brave step forward sir.

Please accept my assurance to work with you in any capacity I can add value. We are on a journey that requires a courageous tactician and we have found one in you.

Highest regards.

Adedayo OlaOluwa Fisayo
(Ogbeni La)
Akure, Ondo state.

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