I have read a lot of articles and sentiments against the leadership qualities of the former vice president of this country, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, after his recent defection.

To set the matter straight, I have never met Atiku before and I did not know any of his cronies. But I am just saddened at the negative way the former VP is being portrayed.

Atiku indeed moves from one party to the other like any other politicians today and yes, Atiku, like all other politicians has not broken any law for leaving one party to return to his former party. So, I do not see reasons he should be castigated for defecting to PDP to pursue his political career.

Nigeria as a country, has not produced any political saint. President Buhari is not a political Saint, so also Atiku is not a political saint. Nigerians may need to get to Heaven before they could get a saint as president especially under this current political class in Nigeria. Since 1999, several politicians are guilty of carpet crossing.

Carpet crossing is part of the political game being played out in the politics of Nigeria by politicians to realise their political ambitions whenever they feel dissatisfied, or shortchanged by their political parties.

As a second citizen of Nigeria between 1999 – 2007, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar wasn’t independent of action. He can’t be held accountable for the failure or success of that administration. Just like Prof Yemi Osinbajo cannot be held responsible for the economic woes or success of this present administration under president Buhari.

Nigerians should be enlighten that the constitution of Nigeria does not give a vice president, deputy governor or vice chairman of a local government any independent responsibility or functions in the affairs of governance. Part of the inadequacies of our constitution is that the vice president of Nigeria has no power under the law except those functions or responsibilities being delegated to him by his principal, the president. So, it is erroneous, for anyone to judge Atiku, limit his performance, or determine his leadership ability base on the advantages and disadvantages of administration of former president Olusegun Obasanjo.

Nigeria politics is very dirty and it has always been dirty. Only those who understand it very well can play it and make it clean.

Today in Nigeria, character assassination, political scam, deceit and propaganda have also been introduced into the system by politicians.

Atiku is presently a victim of this political scam, deceit, and propaganda orchestrated by politicians and their sponsored bloggers.

Atiku’s movement to the PDP is the source of his problem today. Isn’t it funny that they never see Atiku as a corrupt man when he joined other wealthy Nigerians to sponsor the presidential election of president Buhari in 2015 to unseat PDP from power. But now, Atiku has suddenly become corrupt and a bad Nigerian for leaving APC to PDP. That is hypocrisy.

Hypocrite is when you refuse to ask Atiku to explain his source of wealth to Nigerians when he joined other billionaire to sponsor the presidential election of president Buhari but you are now demanding his source of wealth now after he declared his intention to contest against the same Buhari in 2019 forthcoming presidential election.

I therefore urge Nigerians to have an open mind and make decisions about the former VP based on realities and not on hearsay or social media judgement.

My take please !

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