As the preliminaries of the Edo 2020 guber race gradually begin to gather momentum, it becomes imperative to look at some of the sterling qualities of Engr Chris Ogiemwonyi, who no doubt, is a leading contender to Osadebe Avenue in the current dispensation.


The burden of leadership demands a high level of maturity in order to successfully discharge the tasks and responsibilities so entrusted. Maturity in this context may not necessarily connote age but the ability to express appreciable level of temperament, wisdom and quality decisions in matters of urgent public importance. Engr Chris Ogiemwonyi has demonstrated a high level of maturity in all the top positions he had held in sectoral and public offices and even traversed across the globe, interacting with people of diverse races and backgrounds. In deciding who leads Edo state for the next four years, it is expedient to choose a man who possesses this human embodiment of maturity as proven by Engr Chris Ogiemwonyi.


The Cambridge Dictionary defines integrity as the qualities of being honest and having strong moral principles… In the quest for public office, integrity becomes not only a mantra but a vital factor in administrative matters. Engr Chris Ogiemwonyi has this in abundance. He does not only preach integrity, he lives it daily.


The quest for a better Edo State can only be built on the planks of solid experience in public administration. Engr Chris Ogiemwonyi has an unbroken track record in Nigeria’s oil industry and in public service. His footprint in the oil industry in Nigeria is legendary. He made quatum contributions in various managerial capacities in virtually all essential areas of the oil and gas industry in Nigeria. It’s this experience ganered over the years in the oil and gas industry which culminated in his appointment as the Minister of Works that he brings on board as a governorship aspirant.


Loyalty is an indispensable factor in party politics. Loyalty engenders cohesion , unity and peace in any democratic organization. Since joining the APC in 2014, Engr Chris Ogiemwonyi has proved himself to be an unrepentant party loyalist.He has stuck with the APC both in good and bad times, making sacrifices where necessary to keep the party ship sailing even on turbulent waters.

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