Another 60 Years, Another October, Do Not Just End SARS, End the Fraud and Terror Called Nigeria – Olusegun K. Phillips-Alonge

I commend the Nigerian youths for starting the #EndSARS protests as the first chapter of the long-overdue change that is desperately needed to make Nigeria live up to its potentials. Like the independence struggles of the 50s, many vibrant and promising lives have been brutally cut down by the bullets oozing from the guns of the impenitent oppressive regime.

I pray the labors of these heroes and heroines who continue to make the ultimate sacrifice for a chance to build a better Nigeria never be in vain, Amen.

It may be difficult for us as Nigerians to understand or accept why our country continues to underachieve and remains miserably smaller than the sum of its parts. We may refuse to acknowledge the fact that today’s Nigeria is the expected result of its founders, a failed experimentation that continues to shrink in influence and relevance in the face of bourgeoning talents and opportunities.

The reality is that Nigeria has never transcended its primary objective as a fraudulent and oppressive contraption created for the convenience of its imperial owners and their lackeys.
Although Nigeria became independent sixty years ago, the oppression, exploitation, and fraud that typified the colonial era remained enshrined as the norm de jure.

It is senseless to continue to expect the Nigeria that was handed over to the Africans on October 1, 1960, to become the egalitarian society and the premier black nation of our dreams. No such intent exists in the context and the operations of the fraud and oppressive realm called Nigeria.

The tragedy is that the last sixty years have been more brutal and inexplicable because Nigerians continue to defraud and oppress their brothers and sisters on a larger scale and turn Nigeria into a nation with no legitimate human purpose.

The thought of Nigeria as a nation created to nurture and care for her citizens’ needs is incomprehensible to the rational mind. How does one explain a country that terrorizes and criminalizes her citizens, legalizes extortion and extrajudicial killings by the police, and the other government security apparatus? There is no justification for continuing a nation with zero production and the highest poverty rates globally but burdens her people with import duty as high as 70%, 7% value-added tax, and the highest utility costs to income ratios in the whole world. There is no explanation for providing no social safety net program in a nation where more than ninety percent of employable youths are unemployed while taxing the people to death on all fronts, including speech tax, banking tax, and education and medical taxes to provide enough funds for the elites to mismanage and embezzle. Even as a parody, Nigeria is the worst dystopian Orwellian nightmare anyone could ever envision.

It is not as if the governance is the only thing that is wrong with Nigeria; everything Nigerian is problematic, and justifiably so. Things as sacred as voting do not occur without bribery and corruption in the form of vote-buying and election rigging either through the electoral commission, thuggery, or via the corrupt courts. Diversity breeds dissent and dissent is the harbinger of unison and group success. In Nigeria, dissent and expression of one’s opinion is reason enough to be jailed for life without trial if not summarily executed. You will agree that a nation that does not prioritize and has no means of ensuring her people’s safety and well-being has no business existing.

As I see it, the word Nigeria no longer means a nation but extortion, oppression, fraud, terror, poverty, corruption, and retrogression. #EndSARS is a good start; the real objective should be to end the purposeless oppressive fraud called Nigeria. So, I say to the youths, just like it was in October of the year 1960, it is another sixty years, another October, and another time to be liberated. Do not be an onlooker; we must end the fraud, corruption, oppression, the senseless terror, and the purposeless charade known as Nigeria. Do not just #EndSARS, #EndNigeria.

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