Akeredolu’s Appointment of son as DG, Ikubese speaks

Former Presidential aspirant and convener of the #YesWeFit revolutionary movement, Dr. Thomas-wilson Ikubese has said too much emphasis has been laid on the Appointment of Babajide Akeredolu, a son of Governor Rotimi Akeredolu, as one of his aides, for thee wrong reasons.

Ikubese, while reacting to the criticism of the governor’s decision at various levels in a statement made available to Nigerian Cable News online, identified qualification and accountability as the two most important criteria to consider on the development, rather than the fact that Babajide is a biological son of the governor.

Below is the statement Unedited;


For the past few days running, the polity of Ondo state is being heated up because Governor Rotimi Akeredolu appointed his son, Babajide as the new Director-General of the Performance and Project Implementation Monitoring Unit (PPIMU).

Many have cried foul, that Mr Governor should have at least appointed another person, and not a member of his family!

For me, Mr Governor may as well appoint members of his family to fill up the entire cabinet, so long as they fulfil two cardinals;

(1) Qualification:

Does Jide have the requisite qualification to man the office?
Are there constitutional requirements to that office that the young man does not posses?

(2) Accountability

Will Jide demonstrate transparency in the day to day running of the office? Will daily income and expenditure cum activities therein be published monthly and posted in public domain for all to peruse?

Whilst the first cardinal is debatable, depending on which side of the divide one belongs, the second is clearly unambiguous and by far germane.

I’m sore disturbed that rather than push for accountability, we are pushing for who occupies where, giving the impression that we are complaining because we feel the “chop-chop” should go round and not hover around just one family!

If that be the basis of our complaints, then we are no better than the subject of our critique, for occupying positions in government should be for selfless service to better society and not for personal aggrandizement.

Rather than fight over crumbs, let’s together demand, that absolute transparency be relayed at every level of governance in the interest of all.

If that comes to fore, whoever occupies a space thereby becomes irrelevant as he or she does so purely as our SERVANT per altruism, and ultimately accountable to us, the MASTERS!

Thomas-Wilson Ikubese

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